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Raven van Baak | Campina Biologisch
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Campina Biologisch

Campina Biologisch is made with passion by 140 Dutch farmers’ families. For generations these families have carefully balanced the impact of their farms on the environment. The cows graze on open green meadows, where nature can take its course. In this way creating an honest organic dairy.

DesignBridge, having recently finished the redesign of the Campina product range, saw the opportunity to bring this story of freshness to life and materialising the bio offer.

It was essential to include the Bio dairy proposition in the new Campina design system while still conveying the care and nurture that went into creating this dairy. So we took inspiration from the good from the past to tell the story behind the product.

I was in charge of the design implementation and final stages of the designs, which taught me a lot about print technique and having an insane eye for detail.

Designed while at DesignBridge

All rights Campina and DesignBridge