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Raven van Baak | Kasteel Bouvigne – Bouw- en Bewoningsgeschiedenis
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Kasteel Bouvigne – Bouw- en Bewoningsgeschiedenis

Design, photography & print production for a 336-page book about Bouvigne Castle in Breda, the Netherlands.

Also shooting and editing a video for the crowdfunding and a website


Bouvigne Castle, an enchanting piece of heritage that many in the Netherlands, West Brabant and especially in Breda cherish. But the true history of this magnificent castle remains shrouded in mystery to this day. Until now…

Meet Erik Marie Dolne, art, building and architectural historian, who has turned his deep passion for this extraordinary castle into years of passionate research. Against all odds, he has succeeded in unraveling the building history of Bouvigne Castle.

After 40 years of dedicated study, sifting through countless sources and scientific research, Erik has finally revealed the full history of the castle and brought it together in an impressive publication.

This masterpiece is lavishly illustrated, scholarly, and above all, a delight to read. Step into the world of archaeological research and witness the unveiling of ancient foundations. Admire detailed drawings of the construction and restoration processes of the farmhouse, the down house, the coach house and, of course, the castle itself. Wander through time as you follow the lives of successive owners and residents, with their fascinating anecdotes. All against the background of the rich historical context, especially during the period when the Nassau’s inhabited Breda Castle.

This book is a true treasure for castle and architecture lovers, art and building historians, admirers of the Royal Family and of course for the proud inhabitants of Breda and ’t Ginneken. It forms an important document in the history of Brabant, the Netherlands and our Royal House.