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Raven van Baak | Trik Trak
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Trik Trak

A logo redesign for TrikTrak, a video animation studio in Breda. The old logo had become outdated and didn’t connect to their current work and clients, so they needed a new logo.

TrikTrak helps startups communicate their game-changing idea through animated videos. This way they want to make sure that those ideas are communicated to the right audience, with the right message. The new, ever-changing logotype is inspired by connecting Tetris blocks, and shows this ability of TrikTrak to be the ‘missing piece’ for every client. The moving blocks show the message of always looking for a perfect fit for every challenge, and being able to fit into every corner. The shapeshifting of the logo reflects the video and animation style TrikTrak work with, and feels more natural and fitting than a static logo.

— Logo animation coming soon —